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Lartrell Redmond
6711 Surfbird St
North Las Vegas, NV 89084
408-807-9820: 702-258-7941

Telecom Trader Marketing Member Since 2006

TAP AND B WIRING installs voice and data cabling including cat 5/6, patch panels, jacks, etc.  They perform trouble shooting for inside wiring, they extend Telco de-markations forT1 service, etc.  They also install and set up POS stations. A local owned company, TAP AND B WIRING has the experience of a Pacific Bell retiree and two sons.  Their service areas include northern California and the San Jose Bay and Silicon Valley areas.


Decommission - Co-Location - Recycle - Data Center - Telecom - Cable TV

 Telecom Trader Members  provide engineering, procurement, logistics and installation  and decommissioning services for service providers, OEMs and end users, landlords and co-locators in the fields of telecom (MSC, Central Office, Cell Site, etc), Data Centers, CATV, IT and AC/DC/UPS power fields.

Our members represent the full United States, The Caribbean and Puerto Rico  They provide engineering, installation, testing, decommissioning, removal and recycling services to Data Centers, Telecom and Cable TV facilities. 

Specializing in "Black Box" installation and removals, they can handle all facets of a project including engineering/procurement/delivery/installation of new products and translations/datafill, power down, de-installation/removal and re-sale/recycling of all surplus materials/scrap, including hazardous materials such as lead acid batteries, asbestos, mercury, bromide tubes and others. All services are available on an ala carte basis. 

In many cases decommissioning and recycling can be done at no cost or with a credit due back to the customer. 

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