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Established in 1999, the Telecom Trader Organization is a cooperative effort between Communications Contractors.  Check YOUR state for key words 'communications contractors' in ANY search engine.  See who comes up!  Are YOUR competitors in YOUR spot?

THIRTEEN years of continued productive operation has moved the Telecom Trader to the top of search engines.  Our customer web traffic is impressive.  Google the keywords, 'telecommunications contractor - (Your state)'.  

Our purpose is to share information and provide quality business referrals.   Many members have established productive and profitable partnerships across the U.S. and Internationally.  The site has demonstrated itself to be a great resource to members for finding contractors on remote jobs.  View the Contractor Listing HERE.

The Telecom Trader conducts direct marketing to large customers who use contractors nationwide.  Many large companies use the Telecom Trader Contractor Listings to find help on their national accounts and other regional facilities.  Many customers have sent nice notes about the Telecom Trader Contractor Listing and growing numbers of them are using our site to find their contractors.

Our member companies cover the full spectrum of abilities. Virtually all telecommunications equipment and services are represented in our membership. 

Ninety Five Percent of Telecom Trader members are company owners or corporate officers.  They enjoy a unique opportunity to network with other senior level business owners.

Most cooperative associations do have participation fees.  We feel our modest fees more than offset the benefits enjoyed by members.  One member insists that he gets more referrals from the Telecom Trader than his sales people generate on their own. (Connie's Note:  I can't prove that claim).

Membership Options

Option #1 - Contractor Referral Network Listing

Check out the listings: Telecommunications Contractors Available World Wide

This membership option features your company in the Telecom Trader Contractor State Listing which includes contact information and a brief summary about your abilities. ONE referral will pay for the cost of your membership!  There is no doubt that the Telecom Trader is the BEST international exposure your company can find at the MOST reasonable cost.

In addition, your Telecom Trader Contractor membership will entitle you to a voluntary 'facilitation data' form that is kept in our office to help customers with specific needs.  Please note:  ONLY paid members can use the Facilitation Form. Telecom Trader Facilitation Services

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Option #2:   Marketing Membership - Includes FREE National Services Listing

A Marketing Membership jumps your company to the top of your state listing (In order received). Use your company logo at your choice!   Special treatment is our pleasure!

In addition, your Telecom Trader Marketing membership will entitle you to a voluntary 'facilitation data' form that is kept in our office to help customers with specific needs.  Please note:  ONLY paid members can use the Facilitation Form. Telecom Trader Facilitation Services

Telecom Trader Member Renewal

Option #4:  Commercial Membership

As of January 2002, The Telecom Trader started a new Commercial Membership Category.  If your company has products and services that are of interest to our members, you may qualify.  Our Commercial Membership page ranks consistently in highest 5 page hit count volume.   There are links to the Commercial Membership page on all State Contractor Page.   The price for a Commercial Membership is lower than any other available yearly advertising with an added bonus of targeted marketing to YOUR customers. Join. the Commercial Membership!  Click HERE.

Option #5:  Free Membership Signup

April, 2008  - re-initializing of Telecom Trader Free Membership Option.  Your company  may  be approved for Free Member Signup.  Free membership does not include any business referrals.  Free membership includes newsletter only.  To apply for Free Membership Signup Click HERE 

Important Information For ALL Members

  1. Accurately describe the quality and function of your products.

  2. Exercise honesty and integrity in your financial arrangements.

  3. Agree to and complete product delivery in a timely fashion.

All Members MUST agree to the following:

  1. The Telecom Trader is NOT responsible for the outcome of any business transaction between members.

  2. The Telecom Trader will NOT mediate disputes between members or customers on any subject whatsoever. 

  3. All members must exercise exemplary business practices while participating in contractor activities.  

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The Telecom Trader is NOT responsible for any business transaction between consenting members and customers.  It is the member's and customer's responsibility to ensure excellent standards in business, technical practices, and payment reliability. 

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