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Commercial Advertising Membership

If your company provides products and services that are purchased by our members, you may qualify for a commercial membership.  Our membership represents a full spectrum of communications companies who buy the products you sell.  The group has pledged to give you every opportunity to win their business. 

The Telecom Trader is not (at this time) directly selling any product or service.  All business relationships are established directly between buyer and seller.  There are no commissions or referral fees. 

Commercial Members are listed by product category on the following page: Telecommunications Products and Services  This page is consistently in the top five hit count statistics.

Additionally, Commercial Members will be invited to participate in periodic individual email marketing programs.   This program has enjoyed success and will likely be expanded to an E-Zine status in 2008.

For added exposure, there are links to our Commercial Membership Page from our State Contractor Pages.  Your company will also be listed in a special Sponsor section in your home state. Additional state listings are available.  Telecommunications Contractors Available World Wide

Join our growing list of Commercial Members!  Our membership dues are the most reasonable priced nationwide exposure anyplace!  One year membership is available for less than $15/month.  Save significant investment with a two year membership.

Our Commercial Members are happy with this great value in direct targeted marketing.  The Telecom Trader IS your customer base!  The Telecom Trader is a cooperative association and your membership dues help support operating expenses. 

NOTE: Commercial Membership is not automatic!  All Commercial Membership applications are reviewed for appropriate matching for our group and to determine viability for success.  

When filling out this form, please do NOT hit your ENTER key because the form will be automatically submitted.  Navigate through the form with your TAB key or via mouse click. 


Telecom Trader Commercial Membership Application

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Please choose your membership option:

Option #1:  One Year Commercial Membership entitles your company to listing on web site PLUS your personal message in our monthly marketing newsletter. Membership fee for this category is less than  $15/month, payable yearly at $175/year. 

Option #2: BEST VALUE! Two Year Commercial Membership with same benefits at lower price. Membership fee for this category is $250 for two year commercial membership.

Additional State Listings:  Commercial Sponsor Members receive a complimentary listing in their home state.  Additional individual state listings are available at nominal charge.  NOTE:  BEST value two year membership also means additional state listings carry over through 2 year term.  One year term membership will see re-billing of additional state listings yearly.

FREE! Check box to have your corporate sponsor message listed in your home state at no additional charge.
Also FREE!  Sponsor listing on MEMBER ALERT pages!

BEST Value: All FIFTY STATES Plus Caribbean and Latin America pages @ $300/year. REASONABLE charge applies for changes to state listings AFTER sponsor reviews and approves listing. 

Additional state corporate sponsor listing at $10/state UP TO 25 states: (list individual state id up to 25)
 REASONABLE charge applies for changes to state listings AFTER sponsor reviews and approves listing. 

Beyond 25 state listings at $7/state: (list state id beyond 25)
REASONABLE charge applies for changes to state listings AFTER sponsor reviews and approves listing. 

Membership Dues will be sent via email invoice. Payment Options include Credit Card via PayPal and Check.

When membership is paid, your listing will also be added to the monthly newsletter that receives a lot of attention throughout the month. 

E-Mail Invoice 

 Listings are posted AFTER payment is received. Selections are reviewed and calculated for invoicing.  NO automatic credit card billing.

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