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2008 - The Telecom Trader is pleased to announce an upgraded Free Membership Category.  Your web-mistress has been encouraged to eliminate the free membership category.  Instead, she is giving it one more opportunity.   If your parents didn't tell you, then I'll tell you now.  There ain't no free lunch.  Those who have been established Telecom Trader members for more than two years are always first and prompt to re-new their membership terms.  Yearly membership is very modestly priced.

At this time, ONLY dues paying contractor members received direct access through our contractor referral service.  Customer inquiries that go directly to the Telecom Trader Contractor Index are sent out ONLY to dues paid up members.  ONLY paid up members were permitted to complete a business ability facilitation form to assist in expeditious customer assistance.

The difference between free and paid memberships is simple.  Full open access goes only to paid memberships.    Paid memberships are going to be increased in a short while.  If you want your customers to have complete open access to your company via TOP Search Engine presence. If you want to lock in a modest full paid membership for 2 yrs or a lifetime,  you might choose to go here:  Sign Me Up!

Please continue through this page for a simple free membership signup form.  You absolutely MUST respond to confirmation email from  No kidding this time, your application will be deleted if you fail to confirm email address acceptance.

All Members MUST Comply with the following rules:

All Members MUST agree to the following:

  1. All members must exercise exemplary business practices while participating in and between Customer and Contractor activities. 

  2. The Telecom Trader is NOT responsible for the outcome of any business transaction between members.


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Complete the following form and your company will be added to our Sign Up Free Membership program.  Please NOTE: This membership category does not receive global customer requests or lead generation.  Other rules and regulations apply.  See form for details.

We welcome free memberships and encourage you to consider our Contractor referral network.  The Telecom Trader is the most comprehensive nationwide network of Communications Contractors.  IT WORKS! Membership is a great bargain!  Sign Me Up!

If you want to be included in our successful Contractor Referral Listing, you are in the wrong place.  Please click HERE to go to Contractor Sign Up Form 

Commercial Membership Sponsorships are available.  Companies who provide or sell products to our members are not eligible for free membership. Telecommunications Products and Services

Note! Please use the 'tab' key to navigate through the form, if you hit 'enter', the form just takes off all by itself and you have to start over. 
Idunno why, it just does. 

 Three Month Free Membership will entitle you to our email distribution only. For direct customer referrals and new business leads, please choose contractor membership at  Sign Me Up!

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The Telecom Trader is a cooperative association of communications contractors.  Customers welcome to browse our open access system for identifying and selecting communications products, services and contractors. All material is copyrighted and all rights reserved.  The organization accepts NO responsibility for any business or financial transaction between members and beyond.  It is the responsibility of all who visit and use this site to verify the references, quality, and payment ability of all subcontracted work. All disclaimers and legal loopholes apply. 

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