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In anticipation of our yes...18th anniversary of successful operation, The Telecom Trader is MOVING BACK to 1999 membership rates. 

The Telecom Trader Contractor referral network is a great business tool!  Members report high success rates for both finding help and generating new business partners. Total web site hit counts continue to rise monthly!  Customers use this site to find telecommunications equipment and services companies.

The Telecom Trader has the MOST impressive search engine presence of ANY site of its kind!  Try googling the key words 'communications contractors - your state'.

 There is NO automatic billing.  This is an exclusive organization.  You MUST be a communications contractor or equipment supplier to participate. Your membership application will be reviewed for approval.  You will receive an invoice via email.

Commercial Membership Applications Do NOT use this form, please go to the following page: Sponsor Info

Free Email Subscription Memberships are always WELCOME! The Telecom Trader is entirely supported by member dues.  This fee applies to the cost of maintaining the web site and will help offset the cost of hiring competent programming personnel. There are no referral fees or commissions charged for new business generated by members via the Telecom Trader.

Special Notice


 95% of all Telecom Trader Members are company owners or officers.  Individual memberships are also welcome!


Companies that provide products and services to our Member Companies, complete the application on the following page: Sponsor Info


There are NO claims of instant wealth or success of any kind by the Telecom Trader. We open doors, you walk into them.


No refunds or exchanges either. 


There are no commissions or referral fees charged for members generating new business through the Telecom Trader.


All disclaimers and legal loopholes apply.


Companies MUST be a communications contractor or equipment supplier to participate!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please use your 'tab' key to navigate through the form, if you hit 'enter', the form magically submits itself and you have to start over again!  So sorry about that. Also please check EVERY entry.  The webmaster is happy to fix her own mistakes but gets grumpy when she has to fix yours.  Also double and triple check your email address because 15% of submissions contain delivery failure errors. 

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Paid memberships enjoy direct and easy access from their customers.  The Telecom Trader also offers a Free Member Sign Up. Listings for free members are monitored and supervised for customer access.   Cost of full membership is much less overall than paying referral fees for every contact.   If you want to review parameters for Free Member Signup click HERE  Free Membership Sign Up Form


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NOTE:  All listings are edited for consistent appearance, grammar, spelling etc. Listings should be kept to 100 words or less. You will be contacted if there are any questions (either way).  


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Check out our Return to 1999 Membership Rates- Celebrate Our Upcoming 10th Anniversary - Limited Time!

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Member Option Description
RATES LISTED ARE A 50% Reduction From 2008

Option#1 Contractor One Year

Option#2 Contractor Two Year
$60 = 2 years

Option #2A  Double It UP 4 yrs $120 total
$120 = 4 years

Contractor Membership $36 per year PROFILE listing on Contractor State Page Listing,

 PLUS National Networks Listing (if applicable), PLUS Customer Inquiry referral (with no referral fee throughout term of membership).  
you select this section, see the two year member offer in next row!

Choose 2 year Contractor Membership For $60. 
FOR BEST SAVINGS, Lock in your two year rate and upgrade to 4 years! $120 total

Do it NOW because rates are gonna go back up soon!


Marketing Member One Year

Option 3A
Marketing Member Two Year
Two Years

Option 3B
Marketing Member Four Year


Marketing Membership includes sincere gratitude for your continued sponsorship.  You may now choose to include your company logo on your listing in addition to all benefits listed above.  Marketing Members are also welcome to participate in our email marketing distribution featuring your company in private email to all members. 
NOTE: Marketing Members can extend their membership for TWO years for $75  That is a GREAT savings!

Lock In Your Current Rate before they go up!  Lock in rate for 4 years for $150!  Do it NOW

Option #4


You may have your company listed in additional states for a flat rate $10 per state data entry charge. This fee includes reasonable changes when home state listing changes.
Add my company to the following States:  
Please add $10 per state to your total below. 
Option #5  Your Company Listed In All States

$250 total. That's HALF price!

Add your company listing to all 50 states for HALF price.  At only $5 per state, you can add your company info to all 50 States For $250.00
Option #6
National Networks - No Additional Charge
For ALL Options: If your company provides services on nationwide basis, you may be included in National Network Listing

New Member applications are not automatically approved!  There is NO automatic billing!  All member applications are reviewed for appropriate inclusion. 

Payment Options
All applications are acknowledged, reviewed and approved before billing is sent. 

To Pay Via PayPal Account:  PayPal  Account Email Address:

To Pay Via Check or Money Order - Invoice Sent Via Email as MS Word Document.

Desperate message to spam criminals:  Why do you persist?  No one answers!!  No one will buy your stupid products!!!  Please just go away.

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