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Members are encouraged to update their Contractor listings.  The Telecom Trader is embarking upon a massive marketing and recruitment effort.  It makes good sense to keep your information current. 

If you elect to make updates and changes to your listing, please review some great examples including: RBT CommunicationsMidwest Integrated Systems, Peerless Communications, ANR Communications.

These companies provide a range of listing styles and information from very simple and concise to very comprehensive.   Space does limit each listing to 50 words or less.  You really can say a lot in 50 words and our expert editor will align and refine your listing. 

Listing Change Fee

Listing changes that are MY fault will be corrected at no charge.  All other listing changes will be assessed a $10 fee, billable via email invoice.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please use your 'tab' key to navigate through the form, if you hit 'enter', the form magically submits itself and you have to start over again!  So sorry about that. Also please check EVERY entry.  The webmaster is happy to fix her own mistakes but gets grumpy when she has to fix yours. 

Contractor Membership Information Change Form

My company will comply with all membership quality and business ethics standards.  (See requirements HERE)

Company Name
Contact Name
Street Address
Zip Code

website address

Briefly describe your company's abilities (50 words or less).  We will edit spelling and grammar.  Please check your work here and avoid using that nasty 'enter key'.  Your membership fee covers the cost of data entry for your membership, changes NOT my mistake will be charged $10 each. 

Change ONLY at $10

Payment Options. All membership requests will receive personalized follow up confirmation before any accounts are charged or invoices sent. 

Please send PayPal invoice to user ID:

 Please send email invoice for payment by check.  Please enter email address to send invoice.

Please NOTE:  All membership applications are subject to administrative review and approval.  NO accounts will be charged until approvals are achieved.  No information will be posted until payment is received. 


The Telecom Trader is NOT responsible for ANY transaction between consenting members.   Please exercise care, caution and smart business practices before entering into any subcontracting agreement.