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 Asset Management


Telephone Systems - Traditional and VOIP


 Network Systems and Services


Structured Cabling - All Internal Categories


Outside Plant Design and Construction


Technical, Sales, Customer Training and Education


Paging - Security - Wireless - Integrated Voice - Data - Video- CCTV


Multi Media Carrier Switch - Call Center Management


RCDD - Telecommunications Engineering-CAD Services


CCTV - Home Theatre and Home Communications Wiring


Project Management, Network Services Coordination


Business Communications Development Specialists




This site was launched on April 1, 1999 as a cooperative effort by Communications Contractors.  The purpose of the site is to foster communications and to provide a business referral network for sub-contracting among members. 


The Telecom Trader serves as a membership contractor registry and a direct marketing resource.  We actively seek new sources of business for our members by contacting large national companies and encouraging them to use our members for their telecommunications needs. 


In January 2002, the Telecom Trader opened its membership to companies who provide the products and services you use.  Please visit our Commercial Sponsors on the following page: Telecommunications Products and Services


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 Note: you do not need to participate in our Contractor Referral Network to be a member of our group. Our Free Membership category will include you in our monthly newsletter.  


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Distributors, Service Providers,
 Business Management and MORE!

If your organization manufacturers or distributes products and services used by Communications Contractors, we invite you to apply for a Telecom Trader Commercial Membership. Sign ME UP!

The Telecom Trader has a quickly growing and successful Commercial Membership page to feature products and services of interest to our group.   Telecommunications Products and Services

Commercial Members will be included in a monthly marketing newsletter with the opportunity to provide special offers, pricing, etc to members. 

There are TWO links to our Commercial Membership Listing page on EVERY State Contractor Listing page. Telecommunications Contractors Available World Wide

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The Telecom Trader is a cooperative association of communications contractors.  Customers welcome to browse our open access system for identifying and selecting communications products, services and contractors. All material is copyrighted and all rights reserved.  The organization accepts NO responsibility for any business or financial transaction between members and beyond.  It is the responsibility of all who visit and use this site to verify the references, quality, and payment ability of all subcontracted work. All disclaimers and legal loopholes apply. 

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